4 Reasons Why You Should do a PPC campaign

According to a study conducted in 2009, over 90% of searchers do not go to the second page of results and over 50% do not look past the first 3. Appearing somewhere in those top few spots has become vital for sales. Here are a few reasons why you should start a pay per click campaign today:

  • Most internet users tend to perform a search before buying any product or using any service that is not basic. A successful pay per click campaign can help make your product more “visible” and easily improve your page’s ranking position.

  • The cost of paying for advertising in the past was huge. Most businesses budgeted for print, audio, and television ads that had a minimal reference as to whether or not they were effective. Pay per click campaigns provides a more affordable option for businesses, especially smaller ones trying to target a certain group of customers. When setting up a PPC ad, businesses are given the options to target potential customers based on location, age, and income level.

  • You can measure the results. As mentioned, previous forms of advertising made it difficult for businesses to determine how effective their methods were. PPC has revolutionized the way ROI can be measured and is much more accurate in order for businesses to allocate their marketing budget to the optimum channel. With PPC campaigns, ROI can be measured based on the goal of the business whether that means a purchase was made or the business just gained exposure to the brand.

  • If all of that was not convincing, then how about this: your competitors are doing it. The internet is not disappearing and e-commerce continues to grow to the point where brick and mortar businesses are shutting their doors to expand their online presence. The advertising world has changed and only the businesses with the ability to adapt to this new reality will be able to sustain growth.