Why Many Social Media Campaigns Fail

With social media being so popular today and having such a wide reach it’s no surprise that the number of daily posts from brands has increased exponentially. Each platform either it’s Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin offers its own tools and audience but with so much competition attention spans have become limited. Endless fast scrolling, memes, gifs and a 24-hour news cycle that just repeats itself has become the main reason why people are losing interested in what they see. Most campaigns fail due to a generic message and because they are just too general. Bits and pieces of information are available to us every second of the day and almost on every screen, so its only natural for users to become more selective. Creating content that represents who you are and what your brand is about is key. Plus your clients demand your attention. You have to be there for them every step of the way and at the same time make your story personal.

That’s why here at Aeon Ads we do things differently. In today’s cluttered market we try to meet our client’s objectives with imaginative content that can hold the viewer’s attention. It’s in our philosophy that the campaigns we create should be easily understood. The better at putting that message across the easier it is for the user to get your intentions. We are firm believers that if you put the right advertisement in front of the right audience you will get the desired outcome. So we try to write and create posts to include all forms of interaction from likes and shares to making your website rank for voice search. All our social media campaigns are device responsive and compatible. Our job doesn’t stop until we redefine what is possible with online advertising through the use of stylish and compelling images combined with innovative marketing ideas.