You Haven’t Seen This Social Media List On Buzzfeed

Over the years we’ve seen how social media has changed the landscape of advertising and online content. It opened up the flood gates in a way for the information age to become what it is today and for platforms to grow exponentially. Through posting and sharing little known brands that would have never gained so much publicity before can now gain notoriety with some careful planning and coordination from your network. The world seems a little bit closer and your goals a little more attainable. Everyone has a voice that can be heard if you are willing to take the time to listen to others. Being online 24/7 gives you instant access to information in real-time and connects you to opportunities that weren’t there before. So this begets the question: What exactly should you do with all this data?

Focus & Listen: It is crucial that you are on the same platform as your clients are. There is no use in being on 10 different social media networks just because everyone else is and posting content that is irrelevant. Focus and concentrate your efforts on what is important. Pay attention and listen to what your customers are asking about and aim to answer all their questions on your website.

Build: Don’t rest upon past achievements. You should strive to increase your influence and build a relationship with your followers. From starting a conversation to sharing other peoples content. It can lead to anything from a new customer to a new friend. Try to be engaging while in the world of marketing and keep that lead generation funnel full.

Measure: Analytics are becoming pretty big. Measuring the results of what you do is pretty important. Use tools to make your life easier and automate the process a bit. That means you need to plan ahead with content and schedules. Choose wisely and don’t just post for the sake of posting.

This is a field that is rapidly changing and evolving. There is always some new Facebook algorithm that’s being updated or some new twitter tweak to your feed that’s being implemented. The inevitable partnership between marketing and technology demands a certain level of knowledge. Don’t be afraid to dive in and learn a new skill. Integrated digital marketing is the future of the advertising industry.