The Hunger Games Guide to SEO

Optimizing your website for search engines should be the ultimate goal for every business. Just having one is not enough anymore, people have then to be able to find it. There are a number of factors that can help your site rank higher and become more visible than others. We begin by taking those factors one by one and then advise you on how you can further improve them.

Our process starts with an audit. We go through every single page to determine where it stands and how indexable it is (broken links, keywords, internal linking, schema, meta descriptions) We then proceed to address these issues while at the same time checking on the number of backlinks you have. Just like in the real word relationships online are built on trust. Do other websites trust you enough to link to yours? How long have you been around for? Our main focus here is to build good quality linking through social media and blog posts. Sharing, liking and commenting. No spam and no second-guessing on directory listings and webpages that just exist. Black hat methods of backlinking don’t fly under the radar anymore and when discovered will end up having the opposite result than intended.

Once we get a snapshot of where you stand in the virtual world we then proceed with an increased focus on local SEO (location-based services), mobile and voice search. This is easier said than done and we always urge patience to our clients. Some results you can see right away and some take time to materialize. SEO is not a one-time thing, it’s a process and a combination of factors that need to come together in order to get the desired outcome.

It takes consistent and good quality content that is technically intact along with good reviews to rank higher than your competition. And since content is king there is no better time to start preparing for a marketing plan than right now.