3 Ways PPC and SEO Are Better When Used Together

PPC and SEO work best together as they have a cumulative effect. Campaigns who use both in their game plan get the best results when it comes to web traffic. Pay per click ads have a genuine effect on your organic ranking and should be part of your overall strategy. Let’s access the 3 ways an integrated SEO and PPC campaign can create an unstoppable synergy for your brand.

Social & Search Visibility

The biggest reward, of course, is the exposure you get from appearing on the first page of results. Prevailing in both organic and paid search will build up your numbers and give you a credible representation in your industry. The same of course applies to social media. You can target your message to an audience you deem fit so that you can increase your footprint. The data you compile from these campaigns will give you insight into who is really interested in your product and assist you in clarifying your marketing process if necessary.

Evaluate Organic Keywords

Pay per click campaigns is a great way to put your keywords to the test in a quick and valid way. Naturally, some might work better than others meaning they will be more popular in searches and have a higher click-through rate to your target page. In other words, you can measure their performance (conversion rate) and then use them appropriately in your website’s tags, content, and descriptions. Furthermore, you can also link a product page to your running ad. This is guaranteed to advance your e-commerce operations for your online shop. Deciphering your client’s requests and search habits is what will eventually help your brand become more profitable.

Reputation Management

Eventually, there will be a negative post or review about your brand. It happens for whatever circumstantial reasons. Our packages offer a way to supervise and respond to unfavorable feedback but SEO and PPC can play a role also. A random example would be the case of spilling hot coffee in a restaurant and injury occurring. This event can easily turn into a negligence case for the business owner and make the headlines. You can purchase the words “hot coffee accident” and have them lead to a page that demonstrates how all safety measures and precautions are taken in your establishment to prevent similar incidents from happening. This method will help your voice to be heard amongst all the negativity.

 After allowing the campaign to run for at least a couple of months you will be able to see how you can further manage your priorities by simply listening to your customers. Eventually, these techniques will complement each other.