3 Tips To Boost Customer Experience

Businesses that have adopted a subscription based model like Amazon and Netflix usually deliver a better customer experience. Here we will take a closer look at the old model where the buyer-seller relationship ends with a monetary transaction that extracts value instead of providing it. Subscription based packages work best since they are all about building relationships instead of looking for short term gains. Even if you don’t offer a subscription there are valuable lessons to be learned from the format that you can apply to improve your business. Here are a few:


Spend time with your customers and try to create an emotional connection. The old saying “the customer is always right” still applies today in so many ways. Don’t resist the feedback, capture it and use it to further improve your business. Start small and place your attention on human touch. Learn how to be flexible with consumer demands to better understand their needs and create a customized experienced. The whole purpose here is to start seeing them as entrusted people not just clients.


Advise, don’t just try to sell your product or services through social media platforms. Use surveys and polls to figure out trends, always be approachable and transparent in your dealings and apologize when problems and delays occur. Establishing a direct channel of communication is essential in your brands development but you have to achieve that while safeguarding people’s privacy.


Say thank you to your shoppers and try to create offers for them to show your appreciation. Reward them as often as you can. Host contests or events while you live broadcast them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Working on the parts that are not so fun will help you reduce mistakes and create a life long loyal client. The expectations today are higher than what they where in the past as most people have online access 24/7 and you are only as good as your last interaction. Then you have to do it all over again. You must be able to consistently create a clear customer experience vision in order for them to see the value in what you do and all that starts with an interactive buyer participation or a simple “hello”.

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