How To Up Your Video Marketing Game

Brands are jumping at the opportunity to create more unique content. No matter what social media platform you are on a larger portion of advertising budgets is starting to go towards creating short 15 second videos with subtitles since most of them play muted. It’s time to stop being a skeptic and embrace social video since it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

When we say social video we mean pretty much everyone since competition is harsh for a slice of the pie. That would include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat as channels of distribution. You might be missing out as users like watching online videos. Here are a few tips to get you started:


When you are ready to share a video online you should follow this pattern. Come up with an idea, go out there and start filming or hire someone to do it for you, edit the footage and then share it with your clients. These days actually this can be done without even leaving your home. For free editing software you can use iMovie, windows movie maker or even Quik by GoPro.

2. Types of Video

Focus on tutorials, how-to, behind the scenes, DIY and event live streaming videos. Are you planning on launching a new service or revamping an old one? Shoot a short video explaining exactly what you do and how it works. That will engage most users and get clients to share your work. Remember people like sharing emotions.

3. ROI

Video can help you maximize the return of your investment as long as it is optimized for mobile and posted on the same platform as your clients are on. If you decide to create a video ad, they have one of the highest click through rates among digital ad formats.

4. SEO

Video does wonders for your SEO since google loves video and will help you rank higher in search. Make sure it has interesting titles and descriptions with links back to your website and your other social profiles. Embed them on your website and encourage potential clients to engage with them making your brand more interactive. On top of that augmented and virtual reality is part of the future of advertising but still in its infancy so better get a head start now.

5.Upload Separately

We would also advise our readers to avoid only uploading to Youtube and then sharing that link everywhere else. Once you have the video ready upload it directly to each platform. It makes for a more native advertising experience as you scroll down your smartphone’s screen. The video will start playing instead of having to click on it and then getting redirected to another site.

Visual communication through social media has become less expensive and more popular. The constant updates of these platforms has made it easier to distribute the content. To create an effective video campaign for your company all you need to do is find the right balance of ingredients and start sharing!