3 Tips On How To Boost Your SEO With Video

Video in your marketing campaign is a must and the reasons are obvious. It will just make your campaign more appealing and increase good quality traffic to your website. If that wasn’t enough more than half of all Google searches now include video. When done correctly it will have a cumulative effect on your search engine optimization efforts. Below you will find ways and ideas on how to get started.

Youtube Embed
We recommend using Youtube since it is a Google company and the second largest search engine. People now are looking up pretty much everything on Youtube instead of using other search engines. It’s easier and quicker to look at a set of moving images then having to read a whole article about it. Video, of course, is also content and as long as users want it, it’s importance will only increase.

In the description of the video include a transcript of the audio stuffed with keywords. Label them the same way you would label an image or a web page. That will make it more discoverable and help it match search queries when users are looking for your services or product. Do your research first before you post and have everything ready. People use video search differently so a keyword that is popular on Google may not rank that high on Youtube. Another good way to optimize your videos for SEO purposes would be to just create a new video for a specific keyword. Instead of brushing up old content that is only half relevant create new content around the word you are interested in and put it in the title. You can also insert links to your website and other social media platforms under it along with contact info.

Make It Catchy
First impressions matter so the first 15 seconds of your video are very important before a viewer finds it uninteresting and clicks away. Have a catchy title and a thumbnail that gets attention to go along with it. Most of your traffic is going to come from suggested videos to other users so everything must be tagged. Ranking factors include views and their duration, comments, subscribers, embeds and being part of playlists. Easier said than done sometimes.

Finally, once the video is created you should start posting and sharing it on all your social media channels. It’s not easy getting noticed with so much new content being produced. We highly recommend doing a paid campaign along with your content creation efforts to help get your channel discovered. Last but not least make sure your Youtube profile is correctly filled out with a profile picture, a branded header and all the ways people can get in touch with you. Don’t forget, if it’s not on video it didn’t happen.