Write The Ultimate E-Commerce Product Description

When trying to promote your product online with an Amazon or Google Merchant campaign you should always try to take advantage of the space given to you along with all available features. In this post we examine best practices for e-commerce listings. Here are a few:

Use Trends And Top Selling Charts For Inspiration

Visit these pages and check out what makes the top of the list and what do all those listings have in common, they made it there for a reason. Use that as your blueprint to create your own original product post. Do your research and plan accordingly. For Amazon go to amazon.com/Best-Sellers/zgbs and for google visit trends.google.com

Put The Most Important Keywords In The Title

Create an easy to read title with the most important keywords of your category closer to the beginning of the phrase. Take full advantage of the character limit. In other words use all of them to efficiently rank your listing.

Optimize Description

To get clicks from a vast pool of online options you need to have some great copywriting skills. First you have to attract views and then persuade users to buy. As a seller you must put time and effort into the appearance of your ad if you want to meet your quotas. Look for relevant search terms and high volume keywords from the trends list we described above among other tools. Don’t overstuff the description it still has to make sense when you read it. Be original.

Take It To The Limit

Use all available space given to you when it comes to pictures and characters. Ideally upload at least five to six clear photos with a white background and name the files after what they depict. Amazon allows 80 characters maximum for the title and 300 words for the description. Google Merchant allows 150 characters for the title and 5000 for the description but only the first 160-500 characters will show. Use all of them with grammatically correct language. Avoid special characters, all caps, links to elsewhere and foreign characters.

List Benefits For User

Try to describe how this purchase will benefit your potential customer. Avoid long bullet points of features and focus instead on what the buyer wants to see. Thinking of your own online purchases might help. What led you to add to cart? The price point, the appearance or the reviews? This will help you relate to every customer journey and close with a call to action that will overcome any hesitation. Of course make sure you include gender, size, age, material, design, texture and patterns of your item where suitable.


Good reviews will increase the likelihood of a conversion and boost your rankings since most people tend to trust what they read in that section. It’s the first thing they will look for. 33% of users have purchased a different product than the one they intended after reading a positive review. If you are certain the customer is happy with his purchase follow up with an email to ask for one.

As always we highly recommend adding some sort of paid promotion to your listing to help it become more visible among a sea of other products and allow the campaign to run for at least 2 to 3 months to get positive results. For this make sure you plan ahead with your budget and don’t go beyond your reach. Patience is a virtue.