SEO vs PPC: Which one is better?

When considering ways to get traffic to your website you only have a couple of options to choose from: SEO or PPC. Which one is better and do you really have to choose? SEO is all about ranking organically on search engines while PPC is where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Let’s examine together best practices for your type of business and what you should ask yourself before deciding. Below you will find four critical factors that can guide you through the process.


Pay Per Click campaigns can get you results fast. Your website’s visibility can start improving immediately with paid search. But it will run until you exhaust your budget. Then the results go away and the only thing you get to keep if your ad was successful would be click-through rates that can help you with the ranking algorithm. SEO might take longer to achieve (24 months for new websites) but the results are more gratifying as they are almost permanent. It increases your website’s value as user intent is clearly identified through quality content.


An adequate amount of money is needed to run a PPC campaign otherwise the campaign will not be able to run long enough to get the desired outcome. It’s easier to spend money with Google than save. If you have a restricted budget or can spend in SEO gradually, you can contribute efforts from time to time and eventually start ranking organically. SEO is ideal for low volume informational queries and brand awareness. It provides value even after the budget is exhausted and has a better return on your investment. In contrast, PPC will give you the fast results you are looking for as it’s more buyer-oriented.


If your business is seasonal go with PPC to assist you to capture leads and convert customers in a more immediate and efficient way. That includes all verticals where demand fluctuates throughout the year like real estate, hotels, landscaping or holiday gift ideas. It will get you highly targeted traffic and help you control search results in your keyword category. If you are more persistent with online directories, guest blogging and reaching out to others to get your page listed SEO can still produce great results for you. Verticals with a competitive environment dominated with high authority websites will require time and money to get you ranked. In such a case a PPC campaign will do the trick.


Search engine optimization is a thorough method that needs adequate time to become viable and it’s not that simple as results can be unpredictable. It’s difficult to execute and measure. On the other hand, PPC campaigns can be easier to launch. Both methods involve a certain degree of technical literacy in order to achieve high conversion rates at a low price. In addition, PPC can be managed by a small group of people while SEO might get the whole team involved from content writers to developers.

Final Conclusion

Both methods have their own benefits depending on your brand’s marketing strategy but you have to choose the right one according to the goals you are trying to achieve. SEO should be part of your long term plan while PPC can give you a boost every now and then. Ideally, I would say you need both but would highly recommend getting started with a PPC campaign while you slowly chip away at SEO. This way you can limit uncertainty and buy some time while you master each task as long as your budget allows you to do so.