The Best AI Generated Text About Online Event Marketing. 1
We used OpenAI to generate the text below. The only thing we entered was the questions and the software did the rest. What is zoom and event marketing? Event marketing is a concept that is used to promote a certain activity. It involves video conferencing and live streaming. Zoom is an online service that allows
7 Important SEO Metrics to Track in Google Analytics 2
Google’s powerful analysis engine tracks thousands of details about your customers and their interactions with your site, but some of the most important data is hidden in reports that you may have never explored. While some of the data is most helpful when testing prices and offers, other provides useful feedback to web developers about
How to Verify Your Website in Google Search Console 3
Building the perfect website doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and an SEO strategy to get your organization’s website off the ground. Once you’ve narrowed down the design, created content, and officially get active everything as live, what do you do next? In order to keep an eye on important metrics regarding its performance,
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ppc campaign for beginners

PPC Campaigns Made Easy

Tuesday, 28 January 2020 by
PPC campaigns have become an important part of every brand’s promotional efforts. When we say pay per click by definition we include social media, not just search. For example, when you type in a word the platform will return a number of results. Some of those links are organic and some are paid for. The
4 Hottest Trends In Tech Right Now 4

4 Hottest Trends In Tech Right Now

Saturday, 30 November 2019 by
It’s not certain where the next big disruption will come from, but it’s possible to identify trends. Here is what will drive business innovation in the years to come. 1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) The extent of AI’s rise in our daily lives has taken many people by surprise. Artificial intelligence platforms are revolutionizing the way
3 Tips To Boost Customer Experience 5

3 Tips To Boost Customer Experience

Friday, 01 November 2019 by
Businesses that have adopted a subscription-based model like Amazon and Netflix usually deliver a better customer experience. Here we will take a closer look at the old model where the buyer-seller relationship ends with a monetary transaction that extracts value instead of providing it. Subscription-based packages work best since they are all about building relationships
SEO vs PPC: Which one is better? 6

SEO vs PPC: Which one is better?

Saturday, 24 August 2019 by
When considering ways to get traffic to your website you only have a couple of options to choose from: SEO or PPC. Which one is better and do you really have to choose? SEO is all about ranking organically on search engines while PPC is where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.
10 Social Media Statistics Every Business Needs to Know 7
Social Media research can help us navigate an already crowded landscape. The data can pave the way for new ideas and a deeper understanding of the subject. Hopefully, the numbers below will shed some light on how to keep moving forward with a more positive perspective. Let’s not forget that tech has covered a lot
Write The Ultimate E-Commerce Product Description 8
When trying to promote your product online with an Amazon or Google Merchant campaign you should always try to take advantage of the space given to you along with all available features. In this post we examine best practices for e-commerce listings. Here are a few: Use Trends And Top Selling Charts For Inspiration Visit