Write The Ultimate E-Commerce Product Description 1
When trying to promote your product online with an Amazon or Google Merchant campaign you should always try to take advantage of the space given to you along with all available features. In this post we examine best practices for e-commerce listings. Here are a few: Use Trends And Top Selling Charts For Inspiration Visit
How to boost your content marketing strategy 2
Good quality content is what drives traffic and delivers results. The components have to be consistent and relevant in order for the users to know what to expect and how to find it. Below are a number of ways that we believe work best. Be Honest An authentic, reliable and sincere message is what we
All You Need For Your 3 Marketing Personas 3

All You Need For Your 3 Marketing Personas

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 by
User intent indicates what someone is searching for when doing a query. In this post we will try to explain how to go beyond those words and try to interpret them in context with consumer behavior. These are the 3 most common types of keywords segmented into user intent: Informational User is looking for general