SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of tactics used to get a website to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERP) for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Having your website appear on the first page of results when someone looks up keywords related to your industry increases its visibility and the chance of it getting found and visited by new users. SEO helps to ensure that by making your website crawlable and full of metadata with snippets of information its context will become more appealing. A characteristic that is vital as it's not only enough to just rank for certain keywords but you have to come up higher than your top competitors in the market. Investing in the right channel or practice might give you that extra competitive advantage you are looking for.

SEO keeps evolving and gets updated every year as new technologies become available so it’s crucial to keep track of it all. Although the cornerstone still is link building there is an increased focus on speed, mobility, local results, and voice searches. So once you are done with the technical part of the optimization process then the real struggle begins. Making your site light as a feather and at the same time stuffed with long-tail keywords. It must be compatible across all mobile devices and pop up in “near me” searches when someone is close by. That is why here at Aeon Ads we only employ and deploy the very best of methods to help you rank. Any package you choose will have in it an SEO component to boost it in the search results so send us an email and let's get started today.