Our Process

Social Media

Social media is critical for both organic rankings and brand engagement. Brands are able to improve and control their reputation by having the right professional manage their channels. The top recurring themes this year include the take over of video and mobile. Watching videos on phones and tablets (usually muted) has officially surpassed desktop traffic. The campaigns we construct aim to have these variables as a top priority. The content we create should be small bites of information that are easy to digest. Bursts of news, trends or anything industry related. They must be short, sweet and to the point to get your message across instantly. We want to help you understand and get to know who your customers truly are and tailor everything accordingly. You must have content for all types of personas at every stage of discovery, acquisition, and retention (customer journey). That can only be achieved by creating interesting, shareable, interactive elements that will eventually bring traffic to your website.

As marketers, we should take into consideration all the ways people search for content on the web. We have to make sure that what we create is in the right format and easily accessible. Social media can increase your audience engagement making these platforms a very valuable tool. Just posting links to your content is not enough without a long term plan. Keywords by themselves have lost their influence. We need to learn to write how we speak (long-tail keywords) to create value in what we do and make our posts more “human”. All the services we offer eventually tie in with each other and complement one another. Combining social media and SEO effectively must be part of every marketing plan.