The Best AI Generated Text About Online Event Marketing. 1
We used OpenAI to generate the text below. The only thing we entered was the questions and the software did the rest. What is zoom and event marketing? Event marketing is a concept that is used to promote a certain activity. It involves video conferencing and live streaming. Zoom is an online service that allows
3 Tips On How To Boost Your SEO With Video 2
Video in your marketing campaign is a must and the reasons are obvious. It will just make your campaign more appealing and increase good quality traffic to your website. If that wasn’t enough more than half of all Google searches now include video. When done correctly it will have a cumulative effect on your search
How To Up Your Video Marketing Game 3

How To Up Your Video Marketing Game

Thursday, 03 May 2018 by
Brands are jumping at the opportunity to create more unique content. No matter what social media platform you are on a larger portion of advertising budgets is starting to go towards creating short 15 second videos with subtitles since most of them play muted. It’s time to stop being a skeptic and embrace social video